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The year so far...

Updated: May 27, 2022

Hi everyone,

As it’s been for most people involved in the music business, the last couple of years has been difficult for Wellington Heads. We’ve had to postpone and cancel performances and not having regular gigs has made it hard to keep the band vibe going. However, things appear to be opening up in 2022 and we’ve been able to perform a number of times with gigs becoming easier to book. A recent Capital City Blues performance was a real highlight for the band. It was a great night with the band really cooking an appreciative crowd.

A positive from having fewer gigs has been the opportunity to rehearse more. Last year our new drummer, Nic Deighton, joined the band and we’ve had lots of time to introduce him to the music of the Wellington Heads, working through new and current numbers and also our extensive back-log (check out the 5 albums on the website).

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