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  • Neil Worboys

New album due out soon

We decided earlier this year, as Omicron took hold, that if we couldn’t play live then we could at least get into a studio and record a brace of new tunes.

We’ve been working on a number of new songs for a while now and we all agreed it was time to make a new album. Bill, our lead guitarist, suggested that we work with Miklin Halstead, at his recording studio in the Hutt Valley. Miklin is the ‘go to’ bass player for a number of Wellington bands and has a real affinity, and understanding, for the kind of music we make. On top of this, he’s an acoustics engineer when he’s not twiddling the dials and setting up the mics.

We had our first session 9 and 10 April, recording drums, bass and rhythm guitars for five songs and then getting the other six ‘rhythm tracks’ completed 7 and 8 May. Next, we need to add everything else – vocals, lead guitar, harmonica, trumpet and saxophone and other instruments as needed – and we want to add harmonium to one track…..

Hopefully, all things being equal, we should be looking to release our new album in a few months’ time – we’ll keep you posted.

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